Tyromotion, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of technology-based therapy, acquires
the assets of Swiss start-up “yband therapy AG”, to promote the personal responsibility of patients in the
rehabilitation process with innovative movement tracker.

Digital coach from Tyromotion supports patients in the rehabilitation process

A stroke comes unexpectedly, out of nowhere. Possible consequences such as speech disorders and
unilateral paralysis fundamentally change the lives of affected people. The path back to an independent
life is often tedious and requires a large amount of discipline. In addition, therapy time in rehabilitation
facilities is limited – self-training in everyday life is crucial to regain full physical functionality.

Tyromotion has recognised this fact and is known for its sophisticated robotic therapy devices worldwide.
With yband, the product range is now extended by an effective tool to keep the motivation of the
patients high during self-training. Alexander Kollreider (CTO, company spokesman) sees this step as
essential, not only under the given circumstances: “Covid-19 has pushed the necessary development
towards home therapy. We are the first on the market to address not only clinics but also patients directly
with an effective therapy system at home“. Christoph Rickert, co-founder of yband therapy AG and now
employee of Tyromotion, is also convinced of the partnership: “The movement trackers are a paradigm
shift on the therapy market – the patient is put in the heart of rehabilitation“.

The Armtracker ARYS™ helps people with hemiparesis to be more motivated to improve hand and arm
functions faster and more effectively. The tracker worn on the affected arm uses a sensor to measure all
arm activities performed in everyday life. Drinking coffee, hanging laundry or playing cards becomes part
of the therapy. Through the connected app, patients can watch their “tree of recovery” grow: every
recorded arm movement brings new leaves to sprout on the smartphone.

ARYS™ me is the system especially developed for patients. For use in clinical practice – also in acute
treatment – the ARYS™ pro version is intended for physicians as well as physiotherapists and occupational
therapists. Here, a tracker sits on the healthy and the affected arm of the patient to compare differences
in functionality. With this information the course of therapy can be followed closely and adapted to the
therapy progress preciously.

You can find application videos online: ARYS™ me at home and ARYS™ pro in clinical practice

The Tyromotion company

Tyromotion is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of technology-based therapy
equipment with the aim of sustainably improving people’s independence and quality of life. The
innovation-driven company is breaking new ground and executes on its mission to help people suffering
from neurological injury to actively participate in life again. More than 40 sales partners support 3000+
installed devices, in more than 55 countries around the world. 13 years in business, more than 80
employees and a 20% re-investment rate in research and development will ensure more novel
roboticbased therapy devices are provided wherever a need exists. Tyromotion’s grand vision is to provide the
best possible technology and support to our customers so they may help as many patients as possible,
with neurological disorders and corresponding impairments, achieve their maximum potential.

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