Medical rehabilitation is hard. It is a long road to regain full physical ability. But it´s a road definitely worth going. Tyromotion celebrates the human body and its extraordinary gift to recover by creating new TyroAnimals.

Dynamisch wie ein Jaguar

At first sight, it looks like a jaguar. Majestic and beautifully staged – but only a picture of an animal. Taking a closer look, details jump into focus – is this an elbow, are those legs? Little by little the picture turns into a masterpiece of colors and borders on human skin.

Tyromotion´s history began as a manufacturer of technology-based therapeutic devices for the upper extremities. As the focus was extended to a full-body solution, full-body animals were needed as new companions to the former hand-animals. Created by the South Tyrolean body painting world champion Johannes Stötter the TyroAnimals now give Tyromotion a new face, or rather new bodies. A jaguar represents power, agility, and elegance, whereas a chameleon stands for versatility, potency, and transformability. These characteristics reflect Tyromotion´s comprehensive solution for the upper and lower extremities.

14 hours and 17 people were needed to create the new TyroAnimals. Challenges like temperatures of nearly 27°C, hygiene measures, and anatomical movements welded the team together. “It was impressive watching Johannes do his work. To keep the right perspective, he runs to the models, sets a line, and runs back every few minutes.”, says photographer Mathias Kniepeiss. Step by step limbs become strong paws and human skin turns into colorful pieces.

Watch the “Behind the Scenes” video, to see how the TyroAnimals were created:

Fine Art Bodypainting | Johannes Stötter:
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